Full Steam Ahead at Sutton Castings - creating steam engine cylinders with traditional methods

Traditionally steam engine cylinders were without doubt some of the most difficult castings the foundry man had to produce and gave the pattern maker and moulder plenty to think about in order to obtain sound and accurate castings.

They had to be made from a material that would tool easily and at the same time give a good ground finish without porosity or failure under hydraulic test.

The smallest particle of slag or sand, or a small blowhole, the wrong casting temperature, or faulty materials could have caused a scrap casting. Which was usually discovered at perhaps the final machine shop operation and therefore causing considerable loss, expense and reduced output.

Sutton’s have been casting full sized and scaled down steam engine cylinders and associated parts for a number of years now. We use traditional foundry techniques and welcome any enquiries for complex castings in ferrous and non ferrous materials.

Author: Sutton, Mark

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